I Own Too Many DVDs

DVD collection

I own way too many DVDs – I think it’s becoming a problem…

I’ve already loved watching movies, even from a young age (although back then it was mostly Disney and The Land Before Time). However, recently I’ve been getting more and more into TV shows.

I blame my housemate/friend Lara – she is obsessed with TV shows. She owns most of Doctor Who, all of Fringe, nearly all of Supernatural, Angel, Buffy, Lost, etc. One problem we have though is the language.

Let me explain: Lara is Italian – which means her DVD covers are in Italian. Imagine me trying to figure out which episode of Lost I’m on when it’s in a completely different language. Italian = Confused Melissa.

I am trying to learn some Italian – I even made flashcards (and bought a “Italian for Beginners” book), but I’m awful at it and Lara just spends most of her time laughing at my accent…

I won’t be getting rid of my DVDs any time soon, because they help me creatively – getting involved in a story or a plot; learning different ways to express emotions: what’s not to love.

I’ll probably end up buying more DVDs from CEX on payday *bad times*

Keeping you posted,

– 19-Year-Old Author, Mel.




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