My Top Ten Ways To Procrastinate

1. YouTube vlogs: 

2. Scrolling:

I’m constantly scrolling through social media sights – it’s a real problem!

3. Watching DVDs:

Me and my friend/housemate Lara are currently on S6 Ep 4 of Lost (if you haven’t seen it, go watch it – now!)

4. Texting: 

I never put my phone down, like ever.

5. Apps:

I’m always downloading new apps or games to see if they’re any good – BUT: I still haven’t tried Candy Crush…

6. Music: 

I have a free Spotify account (I will splash out and buy Premium one day). I’m notorious for my awful taste in music, so my boyfriend made me a playlist of “toons” (forgive his ironic spelling). I like it so far, but at the moment, my favourite playlist has to be: ‘Pre-Drinking Playlist’ – by Her Campus CCCU – you should check it out!

7. Eating: 

I will hold my virtual hands up to this and confess: I am a snacker. I just can’t be bothered to cook (sorry, Mom)

8. Reading: 

You would think that reading would be higher on the list, but I usually read in the bath or in bed – so it’s basically multi-tasking.

9. Doodling: 

You should see the state of my notebooks – I can barely go a page without a doodle of some kind. It’s usually things like arrows, or flowers (I wonder what that means…?)

10. Selfies: 

I’m 19 – what do you expect?


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