I don’t have sunburn!

I spent most of today in the garden making notes for my assignment and listening to the Spotify playlist by boyfriend made me (it’s pretty good, not going to lie). I got some pretty cool photos of a ladybird that started stalking me around the garden. (I will upload those when I get home.)

At the moment, I’m watching Shelby, Alice, Greg and Emily play Articulate! and it’s one of the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Especially considering they think I’m writing my essay instead of blogging.

Speaking of essays – I got 1056 of a 2000 word essay done whilst at Shelby’s today (mostly whilst they cooked dinner – which was soo yummy [Shelby made some type of potato fries/pieces: I will have to get the recipe and then share it with you]).

I should probably go home soon and finish my essay soon so I can write the script for tomorrow for…


Keeping you posted (god, I am so tired),



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