I am so bored! [WORK RANT]

I know I shouldn’t complain because in the current economic stance, I am quite lucky to have a job. But, with my job, I am in two days a week, and there is never anything to do because I WORK SO FAST.

There are tasks that take my very capable colleague an hour to do – they take me twenty minutes. This is mostly because I completely disregard my own personal safety, and I type a lot faster than he does… (I work for a luggage concession)… but still.

My colleague knows how boring this job can be – don’t get me wrong: it has it’s moments (and they are BUSY), but a lot of the time even when there are customers – they just don’t need my help!

This weekend of all is probably the most irritating, as not only do I actually have things I need to do, but it is so nice outside – I just don’t want to be here! So, today I brought a notebook and a pen with me, and have been getting some notes done for various projects: poetry, plot lines, shopping lists, etc.

Wherever you are in the world, I hope you are enjoying the spare time you have, and filling it with fun things – think of me whilst you have fun, and relish in the fact that I am stuck at work for another hour!




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