Catch up: What I did in Dartford!

As you know, I went to Dartford after my sister’s visit on Tuesday. Here’s what I got up to on my visit!

On my first night, I went to Mom’s crib presentation night (basically, it’s a card game). It was in support of Cancer research UK so they did a raffle – I lost. But I did get to catch up with some old friends!

Raffle tickets

Random selfie from Day 2!


My Mom is a big kid, so I bought her some Tigger slippers in Primark (they were on sale!). And ages ago I bought her this Eeyore

Mom's Tigger Slippers Disney mugs

I went to see my brother, Dan for some beer and pizza! It was so yummy and it was great to catch up with him!



On Day 3, I went to Bluewater with an old friend from school. We had a laugh, but shopping gets a bit dull when you have nothing specific to buy so I ended up in the Disney store and HMV.  Then I went home to watch Disney movies with my Mom (actually, I watched movies – she was asleep.)

Oh, I found Hubba Bubba in the corner shop –  I couldn’t resist!bubblegum

Selfie on the train home! I look so miserable.

Me on the train

We all know I’m a bit of a shopaholic, so what did I buy?

Muppets bag Animal Mug Mickey mouse cupme in my crazy colourful outfitFloral Playsuit Lipstick print dressDVDs Monster Munch  nail varnish

Well that’s pretty much it, guys! Sorry it’s all images, but I love taking photos.




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