Short Girl Problems

Short girl problems

I’m 5 ft 3, so I knew the pain of having to climb on the kitchen counter to shut a window or get a cup. But being short has many problems:

Buying jeans: Buying jeans is a nightmare for me because I’m curvy and short, so to get them to fit my waist I have to buy bigger sizes. ISSUE: then they are too long in the legs and my feet disappear.

Kissing: My boyfriend is nearly 6ft! I seem to have a habit of picking tall guys, but it means I spend half my time on my tip toes!



Crowds: My friends are often losing me in the crowd because I’m too short to be seen behind the clothes rack in the shop!

Group photos: I always look weird in group photos, especially on a night out – I don’t wear heels. So I’m always at least five inches shorter than everyone else in the photo!short people!

Are you a shortie like me? Let me know @melissaholden94


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