To Job Hunt, Or Not To Job Hunt…?

Don’t worry – I haven’t lost my job or had some quarter-life-crisis. I’m just broke!

I love my job, despite it’s annoyingly unsociable weekend hours, it’s a pretty good job, and one I don’t plan to leave anytime soon.

But, if I want to stay in Canterbury after I graduate, become a famous author and be financially comfortable – I need more money.

Yes, I do get student loan: but I am a student – how money-savvy do you expect me to be? I spend way too much money on take-out, books, and clothes. I’m reckless with my wages from work, and they never last as long as they’re supposed to.

SO, I need to decide whether to get a second part-time job over the summer, OR to use that time to finish “Searching for Katherine” (my current novel), and start a new one, whilst upping the game on my uni work and doing my dissertation assignment early.

It’s a tough call, but it’s made me think about how much I waste my money.

We get our student loans on Tuesday and it has to cover the following:

  • Two months rent for my current house
  • Four months rent for my new house
  • The £5 I owe Alex
  • Me surviving over the summer

Ladies and Gentleman of WordPress – it’s not going to happen!

Luckily, I do get paid from my lovely job every month, so that should keep me eating over the summer, but I best say goodbye to my current poor-girl-spender lifestyle, and tighten my cute black waist belt.

Wish me luck, and have a great Easter weekend (you better be eating a truck-load of chocolate for me!)




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