50 Facts About Me!

I know I spend a lot of time blogging and putting my name out there, but I feel like you guys don’t know enough about me. SO I have decided to compile a list of 50 facts that you might not know about about me: here goes!

1. I’m naturally blonde

2. I have a compulsive need to make lists

3. My parents are divorced

4. I’m an undergraduate at Canterbury Christ Church University

5. I’m a self-published author and poet

6. I have the worse music taste, and my friends are always making me playlists

7. I’m an Editor for Her Campus CCCU

8. I’m obsessed with tea

9. My mom and her partner run a pub in Kent

10. I live in a pub when I go back home

11. I didn’t try coffee until I was 19

12. I have a YouTube Channel

13. I can’t leave the house without a notebook and a pen

14. I can’t swim

15. I can’t ride a bike

16.  I’ve never been on holiday with my family

17. I have 1 step sister, 2 half brothers and 1 half sister

18. It only took me a day to read the last Harry Potter book

19. I hate spicy food

20. My favourite colour is blue

21. I’m a quarter Scottish

22. I’m a barmaid (back home)

23. I spell Mom the US way because I grew up watching The Muppets

24. I’m right-handed

25. I’m addicted to my phone

26. I love Doctor Who

27. The first album I ever bought was Green Day, American Idiot

28. The second was Spice Girls

29. When I’m nervous I talk really fast

30. I can’t cook

31. I love taking photos

32. I’m terrified of spiders

33. I’m a commitmaphobe

34. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a rock star

35. I hate silence

36. I have found a recent obsession with YouTubers

37. I’m ridiculously forgetful

38. I can’t whistle

39.  I have four tattoos, and plan to get more

40. I used to have: a navel piercing, eyebrow piercing, three pair piercings (ear)

41. I re-arrange my bedroom every three months out of pure boredom

42. I love change

43. I have no intention of ever watching Breaking Bad

44. I chew the tops of pens

45. I fidget

46. I talk to myself

47. My eyes change colour

48. I have never broken or sprained anything

49. My birthday is 18th August 1994 – Generation Y

50. I love living alone

I know they were awful, but I was trying to make it about me as a person, rather than me as an author. Anyway, thanks for reading! Let me know if you liked it, or post a response of 50 facts about you!



One thought on “50 Facts About Me!

  1. #46 You are not alone.. haha!

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