Reasons Not To Date An Author (especially if you’re an author yourself!)

As much as I love being an author, we are difficult people to get along with (some are amazing – I’m just generalizing here!) So, myself and the lovely Lara have compiled a list of reasons not to date an author  (especially if you’re an author yourself!)

  • Because every other conversation is about their book/project
  • They drink a lot of tea
  • They keep unsociable hours
  • They have a stigma about them that they will become alcoholics
  • They’re self-obsessed
  • They’re shy
  • They read a lot of books which means they spend hours ignoring you
  • A lot of them are depressed
  • They argue with their characters
  • They argue with themselves
  • They care more about their characters than real people
  • Everyone thinks they are insane when they start talking about their characters as if they were real people
  • They never leave the house without  pens and paper
  • They have mood swings
  • Nearly all writers need glasses, which means they’re awful at the movies because they can’t see
  • They wake you up in the middle of the night with a new idea
  • They spend hours making you read their work and then get angry when you criticize it
  • They’re broke
  • They are obsessed with Twitter (modern-day authors, that is…)
  • They have untidy desks
  • They have unusual sleeping patterns/they never sleep
  • They may have several nervous breakdowns in the short space of your relationship
  • They’d rather buy books than food
  • They correct your grammar

Well, that’s our list, please don’t yell at us – BYE!


2 thoughts on “Reasons Not To Date An Author (especially if you’re an author yourself!)

  1. Why are these all reasons I WANT to date an author? XD

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