Novel Update (Searching for Katherine)

As some of you are aware, I am just over half-way through my first full-length novel: Searching for Katherine.

I plan to have it published via Kindle and Kobo by July 1st 2014 (fingers crossed). If you have any other e-reader platforms you think my new book would be good on – let me know!

The book art is in progress, and being created by the talented Deborah Bretherton. I originally had a model, but I decided I would prefer a drawn cover rather than a model, as it allows the reader to let their imagination run away with them, rather than me tell them what the character looks like.

I’m very excited to see what Deborah has come up with, and hopefully it is ready by the end of May, so I can format the cover of the book.

I am also considering having the book printed, as I had a lot of demand for The Snow Killer to be printed, but I couldn’t afford to do so because of the site I was using.

My current word count is 23,000 and I’m aiming for 40,000. However, if the story comes to an end naturally at 35,000 – I won’t force it. A novel ends when it ends, there is no point tagging on 5K just to hit an expected word count.

I am hoping to hit 30,000 by 18 May 2014, to give me time to do some editing.

At the moment, I have a few lovely people reading Part One of Searching for Katherine, just to let me know if they like it. These people are socially different, and they enjoy different books. I am looking forward to their feedback (although I am very nervous!)

I hope you’ll wish me luck with the book, as I have dedicated the best part of four months to writing and editing it, so I hope it’s a lot better than my first book.

Have a good weekend!





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