Game of Thrones: Pre-Read

Okay okay, I know- I really should have read it by now. But, fantasy isn’t usually my thing.  However, books that get the general public reading when they usually wouldn’t, are.

What I know about Game of Thrones so far…

  • “It’s a bit like Twitter. There’s 140 characters and everybody dies” – direct quote from my friend and fellow writer/undergrad, Penny Gotch
  • It’s about royal families fighting for the throne…
  • Lot’s of people die…
  • “It’s about sex, death and dragons.” – summary by by boyfriend, Ryan (cheers mate…)
  • There’s a lot of fighting…
  • According to my friends, it’ s very addictive
  • It’s got a huge fandom
  • One of the kings is a teenager
  • The throne is made of swords(?)


I have the TV Series version (book cover, I mean)

Game of Throne A Song of Ice and Fire


I’m really looking forward to reading it, and once I have I will be posting a review on my other blog, To check out my book reviews so far, click here. 


Wish me luck on my journey to discovering the daunting world of Game of Thrones!

me reading game of thrones 1




3 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: Pre-Read

  1. Hey, I won’t wish you good luck, because you’re already making a wise decision to read this book series.

    My wife isn’t much one for fantasy either, but she was really sucked in to the story, and finished the books way faster than me (I started a book ahead of her, but she cheated and would read late into the night as I snored away, skipping past me…)

    Yeah, looking forward to reading your reviews and reactions.

  2. Lol it’s like Twitter eh that’s a good one haha

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