Crazy Colourful!

Colour Haiku:

Colours for the win!

Colours make me want to sing.

(Don’t worry: I won’t) 


Some days,  we all have that urge to wear colourful clothes – and that’s okay! Colours make us seem brighter and happier – and you know what, they make me feel happier too!

The Muppets Primark tee (I was hungry so I decided to eat my shirt…)

I bought this Muppets tee when I went home for a visit, and now every time I wear it: it puts me in a better mood. I don’t know whether it’s the fact that it’s The Muppets, or that it’s colourful – but either way I love it!

The Muppets

The Science Behind Wearing Colours:

Gazing at bright yellow sunflowers can boost your brainpower and lift your mood.

Researchers at the University of Essex in England found that colors affect our memory, mental agility, reaction times and our physical strength.


So it looks like colours are good for us on a day-to-day basis! Maybe try rocking a fun tee or a colourful outfit today and hope it makes you a little bit happier!





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