Relationship Issues Blog Rant

So, as some of you may have noticed, I have been a bit on the fence about my current relationship. 

Usually in these situations, I am the laid back one, and it is my boyfriend-at-the-time who goes the extra mile and all that jazz. But this time the tables have turned and I have made some major relationship-epiphanies.

  • I want a serious, committed relationship
  • I want to settle down
  • I need someone who understands and supports my career choices
  • I need someone who understands and loves my weirdness
  • I need an independent man who can stand up for himself
  • I need a man, not a boy
  • You learn from relationships, good or bad, but I’ve learned enough now
  • I want a boyfriend who is going to take an interest in my life and what I do
  • I want a relationship that is two-sided: I want to be able to genuinely take an interest in their hobbies and life choices

I know there is a lot of “I”‘s up there in my list right now, but you need to know what you want from a relationship, in order to know what you need to give. 

I’m currently waiting for my boyfriend to check his phone so I can talk to him about this, and give him a choice. He either makes more of an effort, or I’m ending it – a fair enough choice, and one I already know the answer to.


Yours sincerely,

maybe-single-and-annoyed-student/writer, Mel




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