Why I Own So Many Shoes! (Photo Post)

I am going to let you in on a little secret…Why women have so many shoes!

I’m going to show you all my shoes (not cool, but who cares?) and tell you why I need each pair!

Don’t worry, it’s not an uber long list…

Black high heels

Black high heels are a must have for formal occasions and nights out.

Pink wedge heels

Pink wedges are for summer fun and pretending I’m tall…

tan high heel trainers

Tan wedges / trainers for my rock star days… and pretending to be tall…studded creepers

Very dirty black studded creepers for being tall in casual situations.

blue flip flops

Flip flops for the beach and milling around in the garden.

black trainer pumps

Black trainer pumps for a quick getaway – and they’re comfy.

Cath Kidtson Trainers

Cath Kidston trainers my mother bought me – they are so dirty but I won’t throw them away. Heeled Black Court Shoes

Black heel court shoes, I wear these to things like interviews or funerals.

Pink pumps

My cute pink pumps are the newest edition –  they are comfy and good for a quick trip to the shops.black punps

Black pumps for work and interviews.

Gym Trainers

Gym trainers… for the gym obviously.

Very dirty black fake uggs

Very-dirty-I-should-throw-them-away fake Uggs from Primark, for when me and my housemate go to Tesco at 9 pm for ice cream. Or taking the bins out.

So that’s 12 pairs of shoes – hardly a lot I know, but they are all for different occasions and weather. Some women just need shoes, some women like them, and some women want shoes. Where’s the harm?


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