I Have Discovered K-Pop…

When I was with Ash and Alex last night (my two right-hand ladies) they were playing Korean music. Now, it’s no secret that I am a little lacking when it comes to music choice. In fact, it has gotten to the stage where I am receiving messages from friends going, “hey you have awful music taste – listen to this band, they will totally change your life” or something similar.

I am happy to listen to pretty much anything – just take a look at my Spotify music. So when Ash and Alex suggested K-Pop I was all for it!

Here’s the two songs I am currently addicted to:

Oh My God – Girl’s Day

B.A.P – Warrior


So, I think it’s safe to say that K-Pop is pretty cool, but it won’t replace UK Pop for me – sorry! If you have any K-Pop music to recommend, or want to tell me your favourite song of all time, Tweet me @melissaholden94







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