I Don’t Want A 5 Month Break!

As you all know, I’ve just finished my second year of university *sobs quietly*. But I now find myself with five months(?!) off of university, and bar a few visits home to Dartford (which mostly involves sitting in The Stage Door where I live), and two-days-a-week-work: I don’t have a lot to do!

My new book: 52 Writing Prompts: One For Every Week of The Year (co-written with Lara Rye) comes out today! Meaning that’s one project to cross of the list… You can click here to like her Facebook page.

July 1st 2014 is the day “Searching For Katherine” comes out, so that’s something.

However, July 1st is also the day I move in with Shelby, so that’s going to be an interesting deadline… I’m not/am looking forward to moving.


  • I have to move
  • I won’t see Lara for ages
  • It’s an extra ten minutes away from university
  • It means I have to move loads of stuff back home because my room is smaller in the new house


  • I’m moving in with Shelby
  • I get to organise a new room
  • I get to move (I hate staying in one place)
  • there’s live TV ( I miss live TV)

After that, my friends and I are planning an Apocalypse fiction collection (release date TBA)

The one good thing about this huge break is that I have loads of time to read! I’ve recently bought and attained about thirty new books that I need to read (as well as the ones I’ve had for months and haven’t even opened.)

It will also give me the chance to work on my new pen name (Melody Carter), and hopefully get her first book out!

Melody Carter Facebook

Melody Carter WordPress

Maybe this five month break will be exactly what I need: sun, writing and words!

What do you think I should be working on this summer? Let me know in the comments, or Tweet me @melissaholden94


3 thoughts on “I Don’t Want A 5 Month Break!

  1. Sounds like a pretty good plan to me!! 🙂 good luck with your pen name!

  2. It’s your last summer holiday as a student, so enjoy it while it lasts!

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