Doctor Who: The Best Bits

I try not to blog about Doctor Who too often because I don’t want to seem like a crazy fan-girl (which I am) but I have finally caved.


Here are my ‘favourites’ of Doctor Who:

Favourite Doctor:


Eleven (sorry Ten it’s really close!) Eleven is just so silly and beautiful. But he’s harsh too. I love that he is attached to Amy and Rory, I must say the story lines got a lot better when Matt Smith joined the fold.

Favourite Companion:


River Song – I just want to be her! She is funny, sassy, sexy and just a little bit crazy.

Favourite Episode:


The Wedding of River Song (surprise surprise). It’s so much and so little at the same time.

Favourite Accessory:

11-Doctor-Fez-570x321 wearing-christian-louboutins

It’s a tie between The Fez and River Song’s Red Heels. Got to love red – it goes with everything!

Favourite Quotes: 

“The Doctor Lies.”

“Hello, Sweetie.”

“Doesn’t she seem a bit angry to you?” “Clearly someone’s never been to Scotland.”

“I just want a mate.” “You just want to mate?” “No – a mate. A mate!”

And now for The Moments:

greatest moments

Most Romantic Moment:

chris and billie

When Rose has the Time Vortex in her head. Makes me cry every time!

Funniest Moment:


Donna Noble! I love her, absolutely love her. I hope she can come back one day. She was such a brilliant character and exactly what the doctor needed.

Saddest Moment:


Doomsday – when the Doctor says goodbye to Rose. I was balling my eyes out the first time I saw it!


I asked my fans to tell me about their favourite Doctor Who moments…



Favourite Doctor: David Tennant! The only Doctor I ever felt emotionally connected to as he made the character more relatable.

Favourite Episode: Doomsday – such a heartbreaking episode! And not being able to tell Rose how he truly felt  gets me every time.

Favourite Companion: Rose (really is there any other choice!) she made the doctor so loveable and have him a cause! I will forever love then Tennant/Piper combo! They just had such chemistry together!



Favourite Doctor:My favourite doctor is ten, because of his complicated identity. I love his passion, his anger, his narcissism and the fact that he is a danger to himself. He doesn’t know where and when to stop and consequently he cannot be alone. I love him because he is flawed, light and dark at the same time. However, Nine is a close second because he made everything worth living. He is probably the only doctor that has taught me something, and that’s beautiful.

Favourite Episode: My favourite ep is the Journey’end because it shows Ten’s braveness in giving up what he loves most. It what makes him a hero.

Favourite Companion: My favourite companion is Donna because she is a powerful, well rounded, flawed woman. She is a role model.



Favourite Doctor: David Tennant, he just brought so much fun into it and I am slightly in love with him (but am not one of those that loves him so much that I don’t believe the show can amount to anything without him, those people annoy me).

Favourite episode:  There are a lot of great ones! This is tricky. One of my favs right from first series is the “are you my mummy?” One, I love the concept and love that “just this once, everyone lives!”

Favourite companion:  probably Rose, I learnt about the Whoverse through her education etc and she had strong story lines, and was relate-able.

What are your favourite Doctor Who moments? Comment below or Tweet me @melissaholden94 



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