To Ill To Read (Quick Post)

I’ve suddenly been hit by what I can only describe as death. (I’m exaggerating of course, but honest – my head kills!) I can barely check Facebook without a dull pain behind my eyes – it’s hard enough writing this!


It’s been a busy week, full of unneeded stresses and worries, and now I can’t even pick up a book without getting a migraine.

I’m going to sleep and hoping for the best – and if not, I’m going to have a bad day at work tomorrow. Wish me luck, and hopefully I recover soon enough to post some book reviews (of the hundreds of books I should be reading…)




One thought on “To Ill To Read (Quick Post)

  1. Sorry to hear that, and I hope you feel better quickly! I occasionally get migraines, and they are the WORST. Rest up and relax for the rest of the weekend!

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