Bye Bye Lara!

My housemate Lara is leaving 25/06/2014 to go home to Italy. I’M BEING ABANDONED! She may be moving back to England, but up north.

*sad face*

Day 95

No more tea every day. Being that little bit late for work just to finish that final cuppa.

Day 36

No more watching TV shows until midnight. We burned through about ten TV shows in under a year.

Day 35

No more ordering pizza even though we know we can’t afford it. And all the food poisoning – we never learned.

I promised her a sappy long post, but she knows me and me restricted emotions so I will just say this: Lara – you’re one cool person, and I’m going to miss seeing you every day. Carry on being you and don’t let anyone change you. Remember all the English slang I taught you and confuse your Italian friends with it. Don’t stop writing. Don’t stop drinking tea. Stop buying boots and books.

Oh- and thanks for my TV show obsession. I will now be wasting my summer re-watching all the shows.

Lara Vecchi and Melissa Holden

Really going to miss this crazy girl! Bye bye Lara xxx


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