Five TV/Movie Moments That Make Me Tingle

That sounds a lot worse than it was supposed to…

But you know what I mean – those moments in a movie or a show that make your whole body shiver – as if you’re never going to be that happy again?!

So, I thought I should share my top five (although there are many more) with you:

1. Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Season 3 title sequence


Particularly the part where Oz plays the guitar in time with the music.

2. Angel Season 1 


When Angel dances on screen for the first time.

3. Underworld: Evolution


When they finally get together, and for that one day – they are happy.

4. Juno

jennifer garner in juno

When the adoptive mom finally gets the baby she’s always wanted.

5. Doctor Who


River – just River. She’s a very tingly character. But especially when she’s kissing the Doctor.


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