Wise Words For Someone So Young

“They were wise words for someone so young.” I hear this phrase a lot in my life. I’ve got a wise head on young shoulders, or as my mother puts it – I’m arrogant.

wise words for someone so young


Every time I hear that phrase, I wonder why they’ve said it. Because it’s never one of your peers or classmates, it’s usually an ‘adult’ commenting on something you’ve just said to them.

With me it’s usually that I’ve spoken my mind about something they’ve said, and they agree with me entirely – but they are taken aback by the fact that it was a nineteen-year-old that said it. They aren’t belittling me in any way – the opposite in fact. But it’s still an odd thing to say.

I think the phrase comes from the fact that most young people (and believe me I have these moments too) just say really stupid things that don’t make sense half the time.

It’s not that we are stupid or anything, but that we aren’t always aware of the appropriate thing to say in order to help others – especially our older peers. I give advice all the time to my friends (they ask for it – I’m not just dishing out my opinion) but I try and avoid advising my older peers because I hate hearing “you’ll understand some day.” Now while it may be true that I don’t know everything about life yet, I sure as hell don’t want to hear it!

I’m going to have to get used to hearing these phrases as I near my 20th birthday – lots of people are curious as to what paths I may take in life at this point. But the truth is: me and my wise head on my young shoulders just don’t know where life will take us. We’ll just have to take the slow path and find out with the rest of you.


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