The Functions of Bubble Wrap

bubble wrap

I spend a lot of my time at work dealing with bubble wrap, and I keep thinking about ways to use it, so I made a list:

  • Wrap fragile objects
  • Stuff bags so they don’t fall over
  • Pop it when you’re angry
  • Wrap yourself in it and roll down a hill
  • Pretend to be a see-through ghost
  • Dress up with it
  • As a shower curtain
  • Use as a really annoying rug
  • Protect parcels
  • Therapy
  • Party games – who can pop it the fastest

Do you know any fun and creative ways to utilise bubble wrap? Comment below.

I’ve decided to blog more about the things in my life that I think about a lot – this might be a really bad idea (as you can see from my bubble-wrap list), but I want to give it a go!



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