Life Lessons from ‘Friends’ Episodes


Never betray your friends.  Friendships are beautiful relationships in your life. Your friends are important to you and you are important to them.

Technology isn’t important. When do they ever focus on the latest technology? Never. Technology fads will come and go – but life is still there when the internet connection goes.

Fashion isn’t everything. We see so many fashion changes throughout the show, and none of them stick (except the little black dress.)

Don’t judge people by their past. Episode one – Rachel shows up in a wedding dress and seems like the most spoiled little rich girl in the world. By the end of the show, she is a mother, in love and pursuing her dream career. Forgive your past trespasses and forgive others for their past. People can change.

Finance sucks.  They are always broke and manage to cope. They thrived in fact.




One thought on “Life Lessons from ‘Friends’ Episodes

  1. Great list! Friends was funny but truly did teach us a lot.

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