Too Tired To Think

I don’t know what it is, but lately I am exhausted 24/7. 

Before, I would have blamed the fact that I stare at screens for sixteen hours a day. But now I have my new glasses, my eyes aren’t under any strain – so that can’t be it.

my glasses

I can’t blame a busy schedule, because other than the occasional outing out to the shops or to work – I’m barely leaving the house.

Day 34I was starting to get a little worried about it all, so I did some Google-ing, and apparently women lose 2-4 hours of sleep a night because of over-thinking. I do a lot of over-thinking.

10458347_10152541371159668_2115505234355531013_n I could just leave it at that, but there are some serious issues with not catching your ZZZ’s.


Too little sleep may cause:

  • Memory problems
  • Depression
  • A weakening of your immune system, increasing your chances of becoming sick
  • Increase in perception of pain

I am supposed to be getting 6 to 9 hours sleep at night. The past six months, it has been a maximum of six hours a night. But I am always restless and always tired.

Hopefully it gets better when I form more of a routine, but right now I am seriously considering having a nap – and it’s only 11 a.m…

If you have any suggestions on how to stop my sleepiness, or if you’re going through the same thing and want to chat drowsy behaviour: comment below or Tweet me @melissaholden94 




2 thoughts on “Too Tired To Think

  1. I had the same thing a couple of months ago – I’d only get about 3 hours sleep a night for weeks on end plus I was working overtime trying to get my school work done, I was exhausted all the time. One of the things that really helped me get over this is not complaining about it (I’m sorry if that sounds insensitive, I don’t mean it to be so) as the less I talked about it, and was aware of it, the easier it got to pull myself together and get on with my day tired or not. I believe in mind over matter, which admittedly also helped in realising this. Other than that I would take regular breaks away from my laptop – walking somewhere, getting a glass of water or something (which helped me feel a lot more rested than I was), I’d wash my face with cold water if I started slipping, and generally tried to be upbeat and happy (though I don’t think I succeeded a lot of the time, I’ve got a bad habit of frowning). So yeah, that’s just me though, I hope you find something that works for you, it’s awful feeling restless and tired – it can really wear a person out.


    • Thank you Janna for such a detailed comment. It’s helpful to know that others have been through similar things. And you’re right – perhaps if I don’t talk about it, I might forget and it will ease up a little. 🙂

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