Reoccurring Dream

I’m having strange dreams lately about being pregnant! (I’m not – don’t worry). But when I looked into it on the internet, it turns about that dreams about pregnancy are often to do with creativity. 


I found this article online and had a read-through this morning. It made my realize that I am dreaming about having a baby because writing is my baby and without it I feel lost. 

A while ago, I hit a rough spot with my writing and was only blogging every other day. Now whilst recently I have picked up the slack, I haven’t devoted any real time to my fiction work. 

So, as of today (in an attempt to put an end to these very realistic and terrifying pregnancy dreams) I am going to try and write more fiction posts each week! I have already posted two on my main blog, and you can find them here. 

Please wish me luck – hopefully I can get out of my writing rut and join you all in the land of the sane once again!


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