Am I Too Picky?

Today’s blog rant is sponsored by my love-life. Oh wait, I DON’T HAVE ONE!

A few weeks ago for a laugh, I created a Tinder account and decided to see if that was the way for this young author to find some romance. Instead I got sex-starved twenty-somethings who don’t give a damn. I also gained somewhat of a stalker (but that happens to me a lot…) But it made me realise that I’m kind of lonely out here on my career-limb. 


A year ago, I wouldn’t of cared what they wanted from me – as long as they wanted something. But since then a lot has happened to me: I became an author, I lost someone close to me, I grew up more a lot more than I previously realised. 

Am I being too picky?

Probably, but I am looking for the right guy – not just some guy. I want someone who is going to understand that sometime I need to spend weeks on end writing and not talking. I need someone who will like the fact that I will randomly wake up at 3 am, write a poem and then fall straight back to sleep. I need someone who gets my reserved sense of humour. I need someone who gets the fact that sometimes I don’t make a whole lot of sense. That I’m different from other girls and that isn’t going to change. That I’m not a Size 8 and I don’t want to be. That I hate Dubstep! 

And I need a man who wants things in life! My ex is an amazing person, but he’s ultimately lazy. He hates his job but won’t get a new one. He doesn’t like living at home but he won’t move. He was too lazy to argue with me when it was needed. 

So what are you going to do about it?

Is there anything I can do? I live a life that means I spend days on end writing in one way or another. My friends don’t love the idea of clubbing – and are all single themselves (and happy to be). And then there is me – who started university with the sole intention of getting laid and drunk as often as possible, who now wants to settle down and get married. The table surely have turned since last year. 

I will just have to keep an open mind and hope my ideal man actually exists in this dimension. If not, I should probably get a cat or something… 






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