Online Dating

In an act of desperation, I did a little digging into the helter-skelter that is: Online Dating. 

online dating

I tried three websites/apps, and here is how it went:



After spending the best part of twenty minutes filling in personality scores and surveys, I finally had a profile. On Match, you are given 6 Daily Matches for free, so you can view their profiles, but unless you subscribe and pay – you can’t message anyone. It got really annoying, and wasn’t matching me to anyone I found interesting. Account deactivated. 

I give it: 6/10



I found this site after looking up what was one of the best online dating sites in the UK. I was not impressed. The profile was even more extensive than, and the site website didn’t look half as good. 

And, when you finally set up a profile – you can’t even read messages or reply to them without subscribing. I was getting really bored of this whole pay-to-date thing: that’s not how it works in the real world. In real life, you see someone in a bar and you judge them first on how they look and then on their opening statement. So, I switched over to Tinder. Account deactivated. 

Just Singles gets only 3/10

3. Tinder

Tinder-Logo-310x206 Tinder proved the most successful. You upload a collection of pictures (hopefully not selfies), you write an interesting About paragraph and let your profile do the talking. It shows your first name and age, and your amount of miles away from each Tinder user that comes up. You can adjust age ranges and mileage differences. 

I’ve found loads of interesting people to talk to, and it’s happy light-hearted lingo means nothing embarrassing! 

I even convinced my housemate Shelby to join up last night, and she’s got a lot to say on the matter – click here to read about her Tinder Do’s and Dont’s. 

Tinder racks up an impressive 8/10 and is voted my favourite dating app of 2014 so far. 

Have you had any troubling adventures on dating sites, or have you had romance success? Comment below!


2 thoughts on “Online Dating

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  2. I tried online dating once when I realized I’d been single so long it had become habit, and maybe I wasn’t actually enjoying it anymore.
    Those were, by far, the worst dates I ever experienced, despite how promising each one seemed online and in texts. They also provided me with some great stories. The experience helped me figure out what I really wanted in a relationship. My husband and I began dating shortly after. Even though I met him in person, I think online dating opened me up to commitment.
    Basically, enjoy. If you try and and meet some duds, at least you’ll have a story later.

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