My Many Faces

They say we are made of our many faces, of the people around us. They effect our lives, our growth and our happiness.

Melissa Holden joined black and white


I think I have four faces: the cool kid, the princess, the writer, and the geek.

The Cool Kid:

I make jokes, tell stories and generally have a good time. The cool  part of me likes drinking, partying and having a laugh with friends – but sometimes she doesn’t quite know when to stop.

The Princess:

The princess is waiting for prince charming to sweep her off her feet. She’s an optimist with a stubborn streak. She loves dressing up and looking her best, but deep deep down she knows she’s destined to mop the floors of the castles.

The Writer:

I write about nearly every thought I have. I’ve dedicated my entire life to being a writer with every fibre of my being, but it’s not the only good thing about me.

The Geek:

I watch Doctor Who for hours on end, have trouble in social situations and can only truly voice myself on the internet.

We are all combinations of ourselves, we aren’t one kind of person. Remember that the next time someone tries to categorize you. 


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