Everything’s Making Me Smile!

Having made the active decision to try and be happy this summer, I’m finding that even the little things are bringing a smile to my face.

  • No spam emails: smile!
  • Sold two books on Amazon: smile!
  • I got to work and the department was tidy: smile!
  • Helped customers choose their new kitchen table: smile!
  • Had a laugh about sale prices with another customer: smile!

Everything is making me happy – even the fact that I remembered to bring water to work with me today!

There might be clouds in the sky, but at least the weather’s cooled down a little bit.

On top of that – I’m giving myself 4/5 for my work outfit today, as I look cool and business at the same time.

I encourage anyone who’s feeling a bit low to try and see the bright side in everything because it genuinely makes you feel ten times better!

Has anything made you smile this week? Tell me in the comments, or Tweet me @melissaholden94

Happy weekend! 🙂




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