Pretty Woman Review *mild spoilers*

The twisted fairly tale of a hooker and a business tycoon falling in love. 


Pretty Woman is one of those feel-good movies that everyone has to watch at some point in their lives. It’s got short skirts, beautiful dresses and life lessons – what more would you want from a click flick?

Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) transforms Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) from a streetwalker on Hollywood Boulevard into a woman fit for the high life. He helps her discover the strong independent woman she’s always wanted to be. And Vivian takes a lonely businessman who destroys companies and makes him into an honest, kind man – but still a millionaire!  


Now, I’m not saying I wanted to be Vivian by the end of this (I’m too 21st Century individual for that level of sexual promiscuity) but I wouldn’t mind a beautiful, sweet man rescuing me from my first world poverty and helping me acclimatize to a life of expensive clothes and opera. Hell, I think I’d settle for a date that wasn’t on the in a local bar and a dress that wasn’t bought in Primark!

This film is as pretty as Vivian becomes on her journey – but it’s a fairy tale too. You’ve got your damsel in distress, a prince charming, the villain, a kind old man, jealous women, and horse riding! So what are you waiting for? 



One thought on “Pretty Woman Review *mild spoilers*

  1. One of my favorite movies!

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