THIS BLOG IS NOW INACTIVE: TO READ MY NEW BLOG, GO TO: http://www.youngunknownauthor.wordpress.com

Hi there WordPress!

Welcome to my new blog: The Life of a 19-Year-Old Author (a bit of a long title, I know).

Melissa Holden

What’s The Life of a 19-Year-Old Author about? 

It’s about my everyday life as a university student, and of course – as an author. I get a lot of people asking me how I manage my time with assignments and writing, but the truth is: I don’t.

What will you be posting?

Things from my everyday life, i.e: what I did during the day; blogging about my writing; blogging about university. I’m hoping to do some vlogging as well (scary!), but we shall see!

I hope you enjoy my new blog! If you would like to check out my other blog where I post articles, poetry, and fiction, please go to: http://melissaholden.wordpress.com/



2 thoughts on “About

  1. I know Heidi will lose valuable marking time while trying to get up off the floor, but what is vlogging????? Yours with intellectual curiosity. Carolyn. Your writing tutor.

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