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Lover or Lifer?

What’s better for you in your twenties: a guy to waste the days with whilst you figure out your plan, or a man who wants to spend his life with you?

I made pros and cons lists…



  • Fun
  • Carefree
  • No stress
  • No strings
  • Support when you ask for it
  • Amazing sex life


  • No commitment
  • Doesn’t really worry about you
  • Doesn’t spend a lot of time with you outside the bedroom
  • It’s all about sex




  • Loves you
  • Is interested in what you have to say
  • Will give you their opinion
  • Likes spending time with you
  • It’s not all about sex
  • Helps you when you’re down


  • Can be clingy
  • Can suffocate you and not let you grow as a person
  • Has their own problems too
  • Might try to change you
  • You might not be their ultimate priority
  • It hurts when they break up with you


Looks like either case has it’s issues.

Personally, I believe that at some times in your life – you are not ready for love and a committed relationship. Not to say you should go out and have a string of one night stand, but perhaps fill your bed with a person you care about instead of a stranger.

Equally, you don’t need sex or love to be happy with yourself and should never base your life goals on the soul purpose of finding another person to share your life with. You are amazing by yourself, and (in my opinion) you need to be happy alone before you can be happy with another.

What do you think – lover or lifer? Let me know in the comments!


Is Sex Such a Bad Thing?

People are quick to judge when it comes to one night stands and the like – but why?

Natural Selection:

As human beings, we are built to pro-create and spread the genes around; so it’s only fair that we seek the optimum mate to have children with. But how are you supposed to know if you’ve found MR. Perfect when he’s the only one you’ve ever been with? He might be doing it wrong!

Sex Before Wed:

Bad in the olden days when sex before marriage was a crime – people were still loving before wedlock. IT’S INSTINCT. He is attracted to her. She’s attracted to him. Kiss kiss kiss and the next thing you know they are rolling in the hay. Big deal!

Let’s Talk About Sex:

There’s nothing wrong with discussing your night in with the boyfriend as long as you’re truthful and appropriate. Girls, we all gossip about sex in everyday conversation – and that’s great! Lads, you might not talk about it all the time – but you’ve got sex on the brain every seven seconds!

It’s okay to open up about our sex lives, whether you’re bragging or a little bit worries. Honesty is the best policy – but remember: If you are comfortable telling your friends, you should be able to tell your partner!

Communication and Intimacy:

Sex is a passionate, close way of communication and pro-creation. It’s the 21st century – sex before marriage is only an issues if you are a devout religious person and lets face it: they are far and few between.

Most of us just want to get our thing on and get through the day with some close affection from someone else. We don’t want to fall in love with every single person we are attracted to – it doesn’t work like that. Sometime you just need a few hours with someone who respects you and cares about you – love doesn’t have to factor into it.


Just because you have slept with more than one person, it doesn’t make you desperate. It might be a case of loneliness, or post-break up blues, or feeling amazing about yourself. But getting your freak on with the hottie you met last week doesn’t mean you’re dying for it.

Feeling Good:

Sex makes us feel incredible! On a emotional, physical, mental and chemical level. The act of love making makes you’re entire body jump for joy. It feels good, and it make you feel good – what’s so bad about that?


I hope this post has made you feel that little bit more relaxed about the mysterious world of coitus.

Stay safe, be happy, and remember to be honest!

The Functions of Bubble Wrap

bubble wrap

I spend a lot of my time at work dealing with bubble wrap, and I keep thinking about ways to use it, so I made a list:

  • Wrap fragile objects
  • Stuff bags so they don’t fall over
  • Pop it when you’re angry
  • Wrap yourself in it and roll down a hill
  • Pretend to be a see-through ghost
  • Dress up with it
  • As a shower curtain
  • Use as a really annoying rug
  • Protect parcels
  • Therapy
  • Party games – who can pop it the fastest

Do you know any fun and creative ways to utilise bubble wrap? Comment below.

I’ve decided to blog more about the things in my life that I think about a lot – this might be a really bad idea (as you can see from my bubble-wrap list), but I want to give it a go!


Five TV/Movie Moments That Make Me Tingle

That sounds a lot worse than it was supposed to…

But you know what I mean – those moments in a movie or a show that make your whole body shiver – as if you’re never going to be that happy again?!

So, I thought I should share my top five (although there are many more) with you:

1. Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Season 3 title sequence


Particularly the part where Oz plays the guitar in time with the music.

2. Angel Season 1 


When Angel dances on screen for the first time.

3. Underworld: Evolution


When they finally get together, and for that one day – they are happy.

4. Juno

jennifer garner in juno

When the adoptive mom finally gets the baby she’s always wanted.

5. Doctor Who


River – just River. She’s a very tingly character. But especially when she’s kissing the Doctor.

My Top Tips For Moving House

I move house in a few weeks and I have never been so stressed. SO, I decided to write you guys a nice list of the things to do when moving house (particularly as a student.)


HAVE a moving list. If you live in a shared-house like me, it can often get confusing what stuff is who’s. SO make a list of each room in the house, and all the things in that that are yours to take.  i.e BATHROOM > Fluffy bath mat, toothbrush, toothpaste… You would be surprised the things you forget about.


MAKE SURE you have a back up plan. Moving dates can change, so don’t leave yourself in the lurch. Make sure you have somewhere you could stay for a few nights.


DON’T take everything. Over the years, we accumulate junk – and it is junk! You seriously don’t need that head-scratch-thingy you bought from the market. Downsize you’re belongings: it was make for a much lighter move.


BUY strong boxes. The worst thing is a weak box. You don’t want to be carrying the crockery box out of the car and the bottom breaks. No one wants that.


PACK smart.  Quite simply – light things in the big boxes, heavy things in the smaller boxes. Otherwise, you’re going to hurt yourself.


KEEP your phone charged. In the worst situations, you will move into a house with (temporarily) no electricity. So make sure your phone is fully charged and ready for that emergency phone call to the pizza place. And remember to get your WiFi sorted ASAP!


PACK the essentials last. We’ve all done it – you’re in your new house on the first night, you’re tired and you want to go to bed. But you can’t find your pj’s or your toothbrush anywhere. The best thing to do in order to avoid this is to make a small suitcase with all the things you will definitely need over the next few days: clothes, food, bathroom stuff, etc, and then you won’t be rummaging through boxes all the time.


DON’T plan to be anywhere. Moving day is stressful, even if it’s straightforward, so the worst thing to do is to have plans for the same day. (In my case, moving day is also the day that Searching For Katherine comes out on Amazon, so I’ve really screwed myself over there!)

SFK book cover

KEEP it clean. This is relevant to anyone – no one wants to move into their brand new house and find it a mess! They want to feel like it’s theirs to live in, and not find evidence of the previous owners.

great room before

RELAX. Moving can be fun if you let it, so just enjoy the excitement and unpack in the morning!

meme moving

Doctor Who: The Best Bits

I try not to blog about Doctor Who too often because I don’t want to seem like a crazy fan-girl (which I am) but I have finally caved.


Here are my ‘favourites’ of Doctor Who:

Favourite Doctor:


Eleven (sorry Ten it’s really close!) Eleven is just so silly and beautiful. But he’s harsh too. I love that he is attached to Amy and Rory, I must say the story lines got a lot better when Matt Smith joined the fold.

Favourite Companion:


River Song – I just want to be her! She is funny, sassy, sexy and just a little bit crazy.

Favourite Episode:


The Wedding of River Song (surprise surprise). It’s so much and so little at the same time.

Favourite Accessory:

11-Doctor-Fez-570x321 wearing-christian-louboutins

It’s a tie between The Fez and River Song’s Red Heels. Got to love red – it goes with everything!

Favourite Quotes: 

“The Doctor Lies.”

“Hello, Sweetie.”

“Doesn’t she seem a bit angry to you?” “Clearly someone’s never been to Scotland.”

“I just want a mate.” “You just want to mate?” “No – a mate. A mate!”

And now for The Moments:

greatest moments

Most Romantic Moment:

chris and billie

When Rose has the Time Vortex in her head. Makes me cry every time!

Funniest Moment:


Donna Noble! I love her, absolutely love her. I hope she can come back one day. She was such a brilliant character and exactly what the doctor needed.

Saddest Moment:


Doomsday – when the Doctor says goodbye to Rose. I was balling my eyes out the first time I saw it!


I asked my fans to tell me about their favourite Doctor Who moments…



Favourite Doctor: David Tennant! The only Doctor I ever felt emotionally connected to as he made the character more relatable.

Favourite Episode: Doomsday – such a heartbreaking episode! And not being able to tell Rose how he truly felt  gets me every time.

Favourite Companion: Rose (really is there any other choice!) she made the doctor so loveable and have him a cause! I will forever love then Tennant/Piper combo! They just had such chemistry together!



Favourite Doctor:My favourite doctor is ten, because of his complicated identity. I love his passion, his anger, his narcissism and the fact that he is a danger to himself. He doesn’t know where and when to stop and consequently he cannot be alone. I love him because he is flawed, light and dark at the same time. However, Nine is a close second because he made everything worth living. He is probably the only doctor that has taught me something, and that’s beautiful.

Favourite Episode: My favourite ep is the Journey’end because it shows Ten’s braveness in giving up what he loves most. It what makes him a hero.

Favourite Companion: My favourite companion is Donna because she is a powerful, well rounded, flawed woman. She is a role model.



Favourite Doctor: David Tennant, he just brought so much fun into it and I am slightly in love with him (but am not one of those that loves him so much that I don’t believe the show can amount to anything without him, those people annoy me).

Favourite episode:  There are a lot of great ones! This is tricky. One of my favs right from first series is the “are you my mummy?” One, I love the concept and love that “just this once, everyone lives!”

Favourite companion:  probably Rose, I learnt about the Whoverse through her education etc and she had strong story lines, and was relate-able.

What are your favourite Doctor Who moments? Comment below or Tweet me @melissaholden94