New Blog Launch: Young Unknown Author

Today is not only my 20th birthday, but it is also the day that I launch my new blog: Young Unknown Author.

This blog launches a new chapter in my life: finally leaving my teenage years, starting my final year at university, and starting a whole new road to writing.

Please take a moment to read my first post and follow my blog. I really appreciate all the support and love all of you have given me since I joined WordPress, and I hope you appreciate the time I take to maintain these blogs for your enjoyment.

Wish me luck and please check out my new blog!


One Hour To Go…

In an hour, I will be twenty and this blog will be irrelevant. 

But don’t worry – it’s not going anywhere, you will still be able to view all my old posts, but after tomorrow I won’t be posting anything new. 

Instead, I will be posting on my new blog: Young Unknown Author which is basically the same as this blog but with a slightly different style. Goodbye are the rants and random shopping hauls. My new blog will be a place for articles, opinion pieces and updates on my life as an unknown author. 

Please take a moment this week to read my new blog – I have posts for each day of the week as a special birthday treat! 

I’m really proud of my new blog, and I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. 


And Happy Birthday To Me! 


Not Long Now…

‘Not long now’ is a phrase I’ve been using far too often as of late. I think it’s time to share what it is I am waiting for…

Not Long Now:

Until my birthday…

On Monday I finally turn twenty – and my 20th year brings a lot of pressure along with a new age. It will be a boring day, but an important one. Only time will tell what lies ahead for my 20th year on this planet. 

Until I go back to university…

In late September I start my final year at university, just as two of my closest friends start their first. When I do go back, it’s all worrying and planning from Day 1. I have to plan module essays and write a dissertation. I have to decide where I am going to live and work for the foreseeable future. And, I have to start saving and planning a graduation holiday with my closest friends. 

Until I graduate…

This time next year I will be graduating from my degree and moving on to my official adult life. I’ll be working and writing full time, paying bills without a student loan, and living somewhere new (maybe.) God knows where I will be this time next year, but I hope whatever I decide to do I will be healthy, happy and a CCCU Graduate. 




Be Happy!

You might have noticed I’ve been a bit down lately, and it’s reflected in all aspects of my life, but mostly my social life. 

I was moaning about not being sure where I stand with people, and not wanting to complain but it took a heart-to-heart with Shelby for me to realise that my happiness is my choice!

I vlogged about it:

I hope you’re all happy and healthy in your lives, because I’m trying to be with mine 🙂

Blank Page Drama

I was going to blog about how I’m back working on my novel, Searching For Katherine, but instead I’m going to talk about something that effects all writers.

The blank page.

Whether it’s a notebook, a word document or a blog post – the blank page is terrifying. Those moments before the words appear to fill the space and you feel like you might never write again (or is that just me?)

image sourced from:

image sourced from:

Now, I don’t believe in writers block – because that would mean you can’t even write a To-Do list. But I do believe that sometimes we just aren’t capable of writing. It might be that you’re tired, or can’t think of anything. Or it could be something deeper. Until you resolve your issues (whatever they may be) you won’t be able to put pen to paper, or fingertips to keys. 

Blank pages are daunting at the best of times, but if you are already doubting yourself – it can be a deal breaker. 

I sat here ready to talk about how I’ve realised it’s time to pick up my virtual pen once more, but instead I decided to focus on the fact that I doubted my writing in the first place. It’s a huge deal not being able to write instinctively, and it’s an even bigger deal when you need to write for a living. 

I think the thing I’m struggling with the most is that if I stopped writing no one would care. They’d say ‘oh no, that’s a shame – you were good!’ and then carry on with their lives. No, I don’t write for others, but if I only ever solely wrote for myself – I would never edit!

What I am trying to say is, that even though the blank page is daunting at first you need to persevere, because you write for you, and then you share your words with the world. 

Am I Too Picky?

Today’s blog rant is sponsored by my love-life. Oh wait, I DON’T HAVE ONE!

A few weeks ago for a laugh, I created a Tinder account and decided to see if that was the way for this young author to find some romance. Instead I got sex-starved twenty-somethings who don’t give a damn. I also gained somewhat of a stalker (but that happens to me a lot…) But it made me realise that I’m kind of lonely out here on my career-limb. 


A year ago, I wouldn’t of cared what they wanted from me – as long as they wanted something. But since then a lot has happened to me: I became an author, I lost someone close to me, I grew up more a lot more than I previously realised. 

Am I being too picky?

Probably, but I am looking for the right guy – not just some guy. I want someone who is going to understand that sometime I need to spend weeks on end writing and not talking. I need someone who will like the fact that I will randomly wake up at 3 am, write a poem and then fall straight back to sleep. I need someone who gets my reserved sense of humour. I need someone who gets the fact that sometimes I don’t make a whole lot of sense. That I’m different from other girls and that isn’t going to change. That I’m not a Size 8 and I don’t want to be. That I hate Dubstep! 

And I need a man who wants things in life! My ex is an amazing person, but he’s ultimately lazy. He hates his job but won’t get a new one. He doesn’t like living at home but he won’t move. He was too lazy to argue with me when it was needed. 

So what are you going to do about it?

Is there anything I can do? I live a life that means I spend days on end writing in one way or another. My friends don’t love the idea of clubbing – and are all single themselves (and happy to be). And then there is me – who started university with the sole intention of getting laid and drunk as often as possible, who now wants to settle down and get married. The table surely have turned since last year. 

I will just have to keep an open mind and hope my ideal man actually exists in this dimension. If not, I should probably get a cat or something… 





Help me decide!

In a very short time, the premise of this blog will be coming to an end and I need your help deciding what to do!

Your answers and comments are very much appreciated.

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