Five TV/Movie Moments That Make Me Tingle

That sounds a lot worse than it was supposed to…

But you know what I mean – those moments in a movie or a show that make your whole body shiver – as if you’re never going to be that happy again?!

So, I thought I should share my top five (although there are many more) with you:

1. Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Season 3 title sequence


Particularly the part where Oz plays the guitar in time with the music.

2. Angel Season 1 


When Angel dances on screen for the first time.

3. Underworld: Evolution


When they finally get together, and for that one day – they are happy.

4. Juno

jennifer garner in juno

When the adoptive mom finally gets the baby she’s always wanted.

5. Doctor Who


River – just River. She’s a very tingly character. But especially when she’s kissing the Doctor.


“Angel” TV Show: Review

I finished watching Angel last night, and was genuinely stumped by the ending. It was so ambiguous that it was beautiful. Of course that didn’t hit me until I’d stopped screaming “What the hell?!” at the TV.



We started watching Angel in November because I could barely remember any of it. For those fair few of you that don’t know what Angel is…

Angel is a spin-off from Buffy The Vampire Slayer produced by Joss Wheadon, but after five seasons was cancelled.

My Favourite Male Vampire: Spike, aka “blondie bear”. He’s a bad boy turned crime-fighting blonde menace. He’s supposed to be British, so his speech is littered with all these stereotypical phrases like “bloody hell”. As a Brit myself, I can confirm we don’t walk around saying that – but all the same: it suits his character.

Spike was sired by Dru – a vamp that’s one pint short if you know what I mean – and they journey the world with Angelus (Angel’s bad boy side) searching for pleasure.

But, many moons later, Spike saves the world and dies – gaining himself a soul! But when a naughty guy decided to mess with the order of things, Spike is brought from the depths of hell to walk again.

He’s such a funny character, but he’s honest and aggressive – which I think is the appeal.

Favourite Female Vampire: Darla, every time. She’s beautiful, insatiable and cold-hearted (for the most part). As usual for this show (and for Buffy) she dies a few times, but her final death is quite beautiful. She was Angelus go-to-girl before Angelus became Angel, so you can imagine her surprise when her killer boyfriend started saving the world, and fell in love with Buffy The Vampire Slayer – a bit tricky.



A whole bunch of incredible stuff happened before she died that made her even more evil in my eyes, but also – even more human. You really should watch the show if you haven’t already.

Favourite Human: I think that would have to be Fred, she is so human and so innocent when she leaves home for college, and ends up getting trapped in Pylea (where Lorne is from) for five years before Angel accidentally rescues her. She joined the fight against evil from that day on.

Her death was beautiful, but then we are haunted by Illyria – an Old One King-of-the-world type person, who refers to Fred’s body as “the shell.”

The whole show is a roller-coaster of emotions and there are so many more amazing characters and happenings that take place, but the best thing to do is: WATCH IT!

I’m off to start watching seasons 1-7 of Buffy just so I can see all my favourite vampires again,  BYE!

My friend, Lara wrote a reflective piece about the show and it’s greater meaning – click here to read it!