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I Took The Best Friend Quiz…

I took the best friend quiz today for a laugh, but weirdly – it wasn’t far off!

Screenshot 2014-05-29 09 start

Screenshot 2014-05-29 09 1

Screenshot 2014-05-29 09 2

Screenshot 2014-05-29 09 3

Screenshot 2014-05-29 09 4

Screenshot 2014-05-29 09 5

Screenshot 2014-05-29  6

Screenshot 2014-05-29 09 7

Screenshot 2014-05-29 09I’m happy with my result, but remember – these quizzes are for fun and aren’t scientifically accurate.

What kind of friend are you? Take the quiz here


I’ve finished 2nd year…

So today I handed in my last assignment for my second year at university. It’s a little bit daunting knowing that in a year I will be leaving uni, but I’m trying not to think about it.

Instead, I thought I should focus on what a great year I have had as a student and as an author, so here goes:

September 2013:

Had a belated birthday Doctor Who style!

Melissa and Alex September 2013

Melissa and Alex September 2013

My first official month of being Deputy Editor of CCCU Her Campus

Her Campus CCCU

October 2013:

I started writing my first book.

November 2013:

Released my first book, The Snow Killer!

The Snow Killer

And started

December 2013:


How I spent Christmas Eve

On NYE I met some awesome people including my (now ex) boyfriend.

NYE 2013/2014

January 2014:

Unfortunately in January, my lovely stepfather who raised me passed away after a struggle with cancer.

Melissa Holden and Norman Brown

However, in memory of him, I released my first poetry book: From Me, With Love

from me with love cover

I also started the 100 happy Days project, to find out more check out the website:

February 2014:

In February I decided I was going to move house in July, and decided to live with my best friend and fellow writer, Shelby!

Shelby eating

I also started my current novel, Searching for Katherine.

March 2014:

Went to a lot of birthday meals!

2014-03-02 17.54.09 2014-03-01 20.33.52

April 2014:

Started hunkering down and focusing on my writing. I also hit 20,000 words on my novel, Searching for Katherine.

Started Interview with an Author, which is a hit!

May 2014: 

Made this awesome-sauce blog!

Met some amazing people on Twitter and am slowly building up my writing footprint. I also joined Readwave and became a Theme Editor.

had possible the best break up ever with my boyfriend, and now we are really good mates. I realized that I need some one more serious and ready for commitment (shocking I know) and he wants to live in a cave with really good WiFi.


So, one academic year later my life has changed a lot – but for the better. Where loved ones were lost, new friends came about. I hope you are having a good a year as I am!


I’m Trending on Read Wave!

Readwave trendingMy article is Trending!

I couldn’t believe it – I woke up and I had all these emails (as per usual) and then ReadWave emailed saying I was Trending!


… I’m far too excited about this….


Anyway! Check out the article here, or to see my previous post about click here. 


Have a Happy Friday!



I Have Joined ReadWave

A little update into my writing life:

After the failure that was my attempt (SIDE NOTE: That is why I started this blog!) I have decided to delve into social media writing once again, and have joined Read Wave. 



ResdWave is very sleek and user-friendly, which is great news for writers everywhere! It is hard to find a good platform for your work, and when you are a self-published writer, places like ReadWave are perfect for displaying your writing.

My first article was…

Why Facebook Are No Longer the Cool Kids of Social Media

My second was…

Why Being A Writer In The 21st Century Is Hard

Please keep an eye on my Twitter for updates about my ReadWave page, as I have a lot to say and share with the world, and would love it if you continue to follow me on my journey that is The Writing World.

If you would like to check out my ReadWave profile, click the link below:




Pitch Perfect Is Awesome!

The movie (or rather musical-comedy) Pitch Perfect is one of those films that I could finish watching, and then re-watch all over again. It’s awesome!

pitch perfect

The songs are incredible, the actors are awesome – and despite some of the comedic choices – the story is hilarious.

Haven’t seen it? 

Beca, a freshman at Barden University, is cajoled into joining The Bellas, her school’s all-girls singing group. Injecting some much needed energy into their repertoire, The Bellas take on their male rivals in a campus competition.

[taken from ]

Want to buy it? Click here! 

It gets 4/5 from me, let me know what you think of the movie: @melissaholden94



YouTube takes forever!

So, my plan was to upload TEA: The Movie last night and sleep through the upload, however we had made a “Mel and Lara Cook” video – so I uploaded that one first.

BUT – that still hasn’t finished! I may have to cancel it and start again – but no fear: I am in the process of uploading TEA: The Movie.

This is what I am seeing right now:

YouTube uploading

I’ll keep you posted both on here and on Twitter: @melissaholden94
In the meantime, why don’t you head over to my other blog and check out some of the cool stuff I’ve written in the past few months?