I hate this house: no electric and a leak in one day!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, but it’s because I had no electricity or hot water. Let me explain:

I came home Sunday night from Shelby’s (my soon-to-be-new-house-mate/house) and I was ready to start my script. I go to turn the hall way light on and then BANG. Then downstairs lighting blows. So, I’m standing in the dark, BY MYSELF, and the first thing I do is check the fuse box.

image attributed to: www.diynot.com

image attributed to: http://www.diynot.com

I have a history with fuse boxes: I know how they work. The house I grew up in had bad wiring, so lights were always tripping out.

But, after an hour long conversation with my mother, and then Paul – none of us had a clue, so I went to bed terrified and surrounded by candles.

The next day, we had a plumber due to come and look at a leak that had long been ignored, so I thought I should tidy up a bit. I picked up a blanket that had been on the floor in the living room, and low and behold: it was soaking wet. Only it wasn’t under the leak patch, it was under the light fixture.

I hadn’t noticed the leak the night before because it wasn’t making any sound as it hit the blanket.

So, I got back on the phone with my landlady (who is very scared of me) and told her what was going on. She then told the plumber and called an electrician.

image attributed to: irisclasson.com

The plumber came out and checked some things, and then said he was coming back the following day to change the boiler (because it’s so old that they can’t get replacement parts) and today he was going to prep things. I was a bit confused, but OK fine.

Then the electrician came and I had to explain about the leak, the patch of mould on my ceiling, when the electrics blew, blah blah blah.

The electrician stands on a chair in the living room and takes the light fixture down (a three-part eighties flowery disaster) and when he takes if out of the ceiling and moves it slightly, water comes streaming out of it from every angle. The light had filled with water from a leak in the boiler, which caused the electrics to shut down. ceiling fixture

He cleaned it all up and left the fixture to dry for a few days. When he said it should all be fine now I didn’t believe him. He pointed into my room and I saw the all the lights and such had come back on. I have never been so happy to see lights!

I then spent the rest of my day hungry (the off fridge had ruined all of my fresh food) and watching Season Three of House.

#100HappyDays I have never been so happy to see light in my life! #Ihatepowercuts

The plumbers are here now to replace the boiler – and I can’t go anywhere until they do. It’s like my house wants me to do my assignments!


Family visit Pt 2

SO: my sister, her Mom, and the kids came to visit yesterday, and I promised you a follow-up post!

The day started off humorous when my sister text me from the car saying “The numbers go 4 then 6…” she couldn’t find my door (No 5, with a bright red door) because it’s in the corner, and no-one can ever find it.

So they come in, she loves the house (I don’t), and the kids made themselves at home whilst I grabbed my things. Molly (4) spotted the Clementine on the dinner table, so I had to then carry a Clementine around with me all day until she decided she wanted some.

Then it was a nice walk to Caluchinno’s in town to meet Carol (Kaye’s Mom). It’s a blue faux-Italia type of cafe with brooding waiters who flinch at the sight of children. It’s pretty safe to say he was happy when we left, although not so happy when he found Molly and Nelson’s (2) Monster’s University cupcake wrappers on the table (home-made, of course – and actually quite yummy).

After awkwardly leaving the cafe, we went to EAT, although we kept calling it ASK (no, matter – it’s the same amount of letters!) and to my surprise Molly picks out a prawn salad, and ate the whole thing (but she did drop the sauce all over the floor when trying to help us clean up – bless). Nelson picked at some ham sandwiches, and us grown ups had some tasty lunches.

Then it was dressing gown shopping for Nelson:

Gruffalo dressing gown

Isn’t he adorable?

Molly spotted a Hello Kitty tracksuit, and Carol treated the kids to the clothes, (fair is fair).

We went for cream tea too, and I saved my tiny jam pot to give to my Mom (she’s easily amused by cute things). On the way to cream tea, Molly had spotted an ice cream stall, so when we left, Kaye got the kids some ice cream. I have to say, Nelson is quite the tidy eater. Molly was covered in chocolate.

I bought the kids some sticker books for their up-coming holiday, like I promised and then we headed back to mine!

Kaye, the gem she is, gave me a spontaneous lift to Dartford so I could have a break from staring at my assignments. We had pasta bake for dinner (God, I miss home-cooking).

It was really nice catching up with everyone and hearing about their lives. Hopefully seeing Kaye again before I go back to Canterbury, but we shall see!

So, if my blogging is sporadic this week – it’s because I’m in Dartford being all social and things.

Have a great week and enjoy the confusing British sunshine!