TEA: The Movie (UPDATE)

So, if you  didn’t already know: I’m making a short film with Lara called TEA: The Movie. (don’t worry – it’s a joke).

We filmed today, so now all is left is to edit and make it look super-awesome! We even managed to get some extra footage just for you guys!

I also took some production photos:

tea and sugar pots Plan for Tea:The Movie charity mug charity mug my stripey socks Mr Kettle

Let me explain the socks: basically – our kitchen is a mess because it’s the only room in the house that we all use, and therefore: no-one cleans it. Me and Lara are the cleanest people in the house, but it doesn’t make a difference. Every time we clean: they make a mess! It’s a never-ending circle of OCD Disaster.

So, instead of mopping the kitchen for like, every day(!), we have to wear socks in the kitchen… it’s disgusting I know. (I hate living with students).

It won’t be like that next year when I move in with Shelby though: they have a cleaning rota. i’m not going to lie – it’s a pretty cool house, so the motivation to keep it clean is a lot stronger than this house.

Anyway, I’m eating toast right now and getting it all over the keyboard, so I’m going to end this post here.




My Day Off!

I have found myself with a rare day off today, so I decided to start this blog. I had to tidy up first, though:


Messy Shoes


Tidy Shoes


The only reason I’m tidying the house is because my sister and her two toddlers are coming to visit, so I have to make sure the house is SUPER tidy!

So, I was feeling pretty good about my cleaning efforts: i’d hoovered, tidied the living room, etc – then I walked into the kitchen and saw the washing up pile:

Washing up pile!

Luckily – my trusty friend and housemate, Lara is on the job! I told her I was starting a new blog today and she looked really confused;

“I thought you had like four already?”

“Nope, I’ve got one but it’s an amalgamation of all my old blogs. This one’s going to be about my life.”

“Oh. What’s it called?”

“The Life of a nineteen year old author”

“Ohh” (then she carried on washing up)

Clearly, I’m having a very exciting day off…

Well, thanks for reading – and I’ll keep you posted!