I Have No Easter Eggs…

I have no Easter eggs.

I only got given one.

So whilst you enjoy

your chocolate-y treats:

think of me, and remember:




Family Visit Pt 1

A quick post for you:

So, my sister, her mom, and my adorable niece and nephew are coming to Canterbury for a visit today!

And I have absolutely no idea as to where to take them.

It’s a fairly nice day outside (by the looks of BBC Weather and the view from my bedroom window), so maybe the park. We are getting lunch, so somewhere child-friendly (but the main Wetherspoons here is really dark).

I have no idea what’s going to happen, but at least I got the kids some Easter eggs – YAY no guilt!

I’ll let you all know what we ended up doing.

If you are from Canterbury and can think of anywhere child-friendly and cool for us to go, Tweet me @melissaholden94 


PS: My landlady is coming round to do viewings today, and with the kids coming too: my house has never been so clean, but I very much doubt that it is child-friendly!