This Quote Sums Up Love…

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

I just saw this quote on Facebook and it stopped me in my tracks.  I just had to blog about it.

This quote sums up how love should be. That person being away from you should hurt, not just be annoying.

The love of your life should make you miserable. Yes, miserable. You should be so in love with that person, that you are so happy it makes you sick. So happy, you can’t breathe.

And that doesn’t mean that when you catch your breath, you don’t love them anymore. It just means you’ve learned to love and breathe with them.

Sorry – I’m not the romantic sort, and I don’t think I ever will be, but this quote really got to me. It summarizes the pain and the truth of love in one sentence: and who can deny how powerful love, and indeed words can be?


Please, continue about your day. Just promise me that next time you give your heart away: make sure it hurts.


I Need These Shoes (Burlesque) *WARNING: SPOILERS*

The shoes from Burlesque. Image found at:

The shoes from Burlesque. Image found at:

If you don’t recognise these shoes, then you haven’t seen Burlesque! If you haven’t seen this film, I forgive you – but at least appreciate the shoes.

In the film, Christina Aguilera says (and I quote):

l’m gonna dream about those shoes.

These shoes look like you will break your neck the second you step out the door (you’re not wrong there!) but they are gorgeous!

Ali (Christina Aguilera ) gets given the shoes after seeing them at the party of the guy that’s trying to get with her (long story short). I don’t agree with the way she gets the shoes, but they are pretty!

  • There’s only one reason a man buys a woman shoes.
  • So what if l’m getting a little male attention?
  • You’re getting more than a little.

I won’t lie to you, Internet – I would love it if my boyfriend bought me shoes, but we aren’t that kind of couple. He knows me well enough to know that if he bought me something, I would think he had done something wrong, or that he wanted something (which happens in the film!). Gifts are for special occasions – not bribery! 

This was a bit of a tangent, but basically I want these shoes, but not the bribing! 

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