To Ill To Read (Quick Post)

I’ve suddenly been hit by what I can only describe as death. (I’m exaggerating of course, but honest – my head kills!) I can barely check Facebook without a dull pain behind my eyes – it’s hard enough writing this!


It’s been a busy week, full of unneeded stresses and worries, and now I can’t even pick up a book without getting a migraine.

I’m going to sleep and hoping for the best – and if not, I’m going to have a bad day at work tomorrow. Wish me luck, and hopefully I recover soon enough to post some book reviews (of the hundreds of books I should be reading…)




Game of Thrones: Pre-Read

Okay okay, I know- I really should have read it by now. But, fantasy isn’t usually my thing.  However, books that get the general public reading when they usually wouldn’t, are.

What I know about Game of Thrones so far…

  • “It’s a bit like Twitter. There’s 140 characters and everybody dies” – direct quote from my friend and fellow writer/undergrad, Penny Gotch
  • It’s about royal families fighting for the throne…
  • Lot’s of people die…
  • “It’s about sex, death and dragons.” – summary by by boyfriend, Ryan (cheers mate…)
  • There’s a lot of fighting…
  • According to my friends, it’ s very addictive
  • It’s got a huge fandom
  • One of the kings is a teenager
  • The throne is made of swords(?)


I have the TV Series version (book cover, I mean)

Game of Throne A Song of Ice and Fire


I’m really looking forward to reading it, and once I have I will be posting a review on my other blog, To check out my book reviews so far, click here. 


Wish me luck on my journey to discovering the daunting world of Game of Thrones!

me reading game of thrones 1



My Top Ten Ways To Procrastinate

1. YouTube vlogs: 

2. Scrolling:

I’m constantly scrolling through social media sights – it’s a real problem!

3. Watching DVDs:

Me and my friend/housemate Lara are currently on S6 Ep 4 of Lost (if you haven’t seen it, go watch it – now!)

4. Texting: 

I never put my phone down, like ever.

5. Apps:

I’m always downloading new apps or games to see if they’re any good – BUT: I still haven’t tried Candy Crush…

6. Music: 

I have a free Spotify account (I will splash out and buy Premium one day). I’m notorious for my awful taste in music, so my boyfriend made me a playlist of “toons” (forgive his ironic spelling). I like it so far, but at the moment, my favourite playlist has to be: ‘Pre-Drinking Playlist’ – by Her Campus CCCU – you should check it out!

7. Eating: 

I will hold my virtual hands up to this and confess: I am a snacker. I just can’t be bothered to cook (sorry, Mom)

8. Reading: 

You would think that reading would be higher on the list, but I usually read in the bath or in bed – so it’s basically multi-tasking.

9. Doodling: 

You should see the state of my notebooks – I can barely go a page without a doodle of some kind. It’s usually things like arrows, or flowers (I wonder what that means…?)

10. Selfies: 

I’m 19 – what do you expect?