On The Up And Up At Readwave.com

A little while ago, you may have seen my posts on this blog  (and my other one)  about me joining Readwave. 

Well that was 1 May 2014.


Now, I am:

That’s right, Theme Owner! Today the lovely Kristine stepped down from the role as she has so many themes to run, and handed the metaphorical torch to me.

I’ll do my best to fill her internet-boots: promise!

So, if you are part of the Readwave writing world, know that if you post to Career – I’m your editor! (Don’t worry – I’m a lovely editor.) Readwave is a great place to get your voice heard on so many topics. Check out the Theme homepage to see just how many options there are.


To keep up-to-date with my life (writing-orientated or otherwise), follow me on Twitter! @melissaholden94


Author Update (4th May 2014)

Read Wave:

Okay so since I joined the cool gang that is readwave.com I have had two articles trend, and the other day I was invited to become an Editor for the theme: Life Lessons.

If you would like to read my articles, go to my profile: http://www.readwave.com/melissaholden94/


I have submitted my novella, The Snow Killer, to be available on Kobo, meaning all you  W H Smiths e-readers out there can read my debut boo too! However, they appear to be having some issues, so it’s going to take a few more days until it has uploaded.

Fellow Authors:

As you may or may not know, I recently started a segment on my main blog called “Interview with an Author”. It seems to have taken off, as I am currently interviewing about five or six people, and have several more in mind. (If you are interested in being interviewed, or know someone who might be, please contact me at: melissah183@googlemail.com)

I am also reading and reviewing a few books – no spoilers I’m afraid, you’ll just have to wait and see what I think!


I have FINALLY figured out how to auto DM people on Twitter (thanks to Elizabeth!), as I hate feeling that I’ve forgotten to say hello to my new followers.

I had 30 new followers this week, so thank you to everyone that followed me! If you would like to follow me on Twitter, I’m @melissaholden94

So, I think all things considered – it’s been a pretty productive writing week. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend – I am off to work where I will no doubt spend hours staring at suitcases.