Is Sex Such a Bad Thing?

People are quick to judge when it comes to one night stands and the like – but why?

Natural Selection:

As human beings, we are built to pro-create and spread the genes around; so it’s only fair that we seek the optimum mate to have children with. But how are you supposed to know if you’ve found MR. Perfect when he’s the only one you’ve ever been with? He might be doing it wrong!

Sex Before Wed:

Bad in the olden days when sex before marriage was a crime – people were still loving before wedlock. IT’S INSTINCT. He is attracted to her. She’s attracted to him. Kiss kiss kiss and the next thing you know they are rolling in the hay. Big deal!

Let’s Talk About Sex:

There’s nothing wrong with discussing your night in with the boyfriend as long as you’re truthful and appropriate. Girls, we all gossip about sex in everyday conversation – and that’s great! Lads, you might not talk about it all the time – but you’ve got sex on the brain every seven seconds!

It’s okay to open up about our sex lives, whether you’re bragging or a little bit worries. Honesty is the best policy – but remember: If you are comfortable telling your friends, you should be able to tell your partner!

Communication and Intimacy:

Sex is a passionate, close way of communication and pro-creation. It’s the 21st century – sex before marriage is only an issues if you are a devout religious person and lets face it: they are far and few between.

Most of us just want to get our thing on and get through the day with some close affection from someone else. We don’t want to fall in love with every single person we are attracted to – it doesn’t work like that. Sometime you just need a few hours with someone who respects you and cares about you – love doesn’t have to factor into it.


Just because you have slept with more than one person, it doesn’t make you desperate. It might be a case of loneliness, or post-break up blues, or feeling amazing about yourself. But getting your freak on with the hottie you met last week doesn’t mean you’re dying for it.

Feeling Good:

Sex makes us feel incredible! On a emotional, physical, mental and chemical level. The act of love making makes you’re entire body jump for joy. It feels good, and it make you feel good – what’s so bad about that?


I hope this post has made you feel that little bit more relaxed about the mysterious world of coitus.

Stay safe, be happy, and remember to be honest!


Why My Boyfriend Confuses Me

Dear Followers,

We’ve been seeing each other for a while now (all thanks to the wonder of The Internet), and other than the odd comment here and there, I haven’t really spoken about my boyfriend.

And before you say anything – yes, he is real!

I’m going to be kind and not name him or include an image – mostly because if his friends found out, he would never hear the end of it. No lie – he will probably be very awkward with me after he (if he) reads this!

So, here’s the facts:

When did you meet?

New Year’s Eve 2013/2014

How did he ask you out?

He didn’t. The first time we met, I was talking to my friend about Doctor Who, and asked him his opinion. We spent hours chatting in the middle of this party, whilst getting stupidly drunk (I’m a student – what else was I going to do on NYE?).

I got chatting to his friend, and asked if he (my boyfriend) had a boyfriend and how long had they been together? This was met by raucous laughter and my (now) boyfriend being told I thought he was gay. My only explanation was that he was so nice and cute and sweet that he couldn’t possibly be straight. He told me he wasn’t and kissed me to prove it.

How long have you been together?

Since NYE, so four months today! (01/05/2014)

Are you Facebook official?

Er, well I am listed as being “In An Open Relationship”. We are both very causal people who have our own relationship scars, so we like not to label our relationship.

What does he look like?

Just under 6ft, messy hair, pale, glasses, slim (honest – he is gorgeous)

Why My Boyfriend Confuses Me

I, despite my tender nineteen years, have had several serious relationships and my fair share of flirting. So when I met my boyfriend, I thought things would be different. And they are – just in a weird way.

Why is it weird?

He genuinely isn’t a typical guy when it comes to our relationship. Don’t get me wrong, he likes a beer and is obsessed with video games (OK – a Generation Y Typical Guy), but when it comes down to it – he is just different.

  • He doesn’t like to talk about sex.
  • He doesn’t ask for anything.
  • He doesn’t flirt.
  • He doesn’t like social media (or in his words “I have nothing interesting to post”).
  • He’s nice (and polite).
  • He’s as intelligent (if not more so) than I am – which is rare for my partners.
  • He doesn’t like taking selfies (I am obsessed with them).
  • He reads – a lot! (He puts me to shame actually).
  • He is amazing to look at and he has no idea.
  • He compliments me (and actually means it!) [but I can’t deal with compliments so this may be my issue and not his…]

I could go on, but you get the gist  – he is a 6ft ball of confusion with the bluest eyes and a killer grin.

There is, however, 1% of my brain screaming at me (everyday might I add) to break up with him because his differences scare me. That, and I fear the day he realizes just how messed up I am and breaks up with me. But who am I to judge those who don’t conform to society?

So, Boyfriend – if you have bothered to read this (although I doubt you will): I think you’re pretty awesome, and thank you for being you. Please continue to put up with me for the foreseeable future. 

Lots of like, your Writer Girlfriend 🙂

Thanks for reading, and I hope you can sympathy for my confused mind!