TEA: The Movie


TEA: The Movie (UPDATE)

So, if you  didn’t already know: I’m making a short film with Lara called TEA: The Movie. (don’t worry – it’s a joke).

We filmed today, so now all is left is to edit and make it look super-awesome! We even managed to get some extra footage just for you guys!

I also took some production photos:

tea and sugar pots Plan for Tea:The Movie charity mug charity mug my stripey socks Mr Kettle

Let me explain the socks: basically – our kitchen is a mess because it’s the only room in the house that we all use, and therefore: no-one cleans it. Me and Lara are the cleanest people in the house, but it doesn’t make a difference. Every time we clean: they make a mess! It’s a never-ending circle of OCD Disaster.

So, instead of mopping the kitchen for like, every day(!), we have to wear socks in the kitchen… it’s disgusting I know. (I hate living with students).

It won’t be like that next year when I move in with Shelby though: they have a cleaning rota. i’m not going to lie – it’s a pretty cool house, so the motivation to keep it clean is a lot stronger than this house.

Anyway, I’m eating toast right now and getting it all over the keyboard, so I’m going to end this post here.