Tea Memes!

Disclaimer: I did not make these tea memes, I’m just appreciating them!

Source: moblog.whmsoft.net

Source: moblog.whmsoft.net

Source: dalekium.tumblr.com

Source: dalekium.tumblr.com

Source: meme-pictures.vidzshare.net

Source: meme-pictures.vidzshare.net


What to do when you’re having a bad day

I’m having a bit of a bad day: everything requires effort, I have a lecture in an hour, and it’s raining. So, I thought I would write you some tips on how to stay focused and happy when you are having a bad day:

Make yourself a cup of tea:

No doubt you’re probably feeling a little run down, so a cuppa will do you some good.

Animal Mug

Put on comfy clothes:

Tight clothes are annoying at the best of times, so when you are having a bad day, they can be distracting. Put on your sweats and your favourite tee.

collective spring shopping


Rumbling tummies cause irritation – make yourself some lunch and sit yourself down for some Facebook browsing

2014-04-02 15.14.39

Watch a movie:

If you have the luxury of time, sit down and watch your favourite movie. Drag your duvet down from your bedroom and cozy up on the sofa.

DVD collection


I hope my cheeky tips will help you have a better day! I’m off to put on my favourite leggings, grab some sweets and scroll through Facebook with a cuppa before lecture!


Catch up: What I did in Dartford!

As you know, I went to Dartford after my sister’s visit on Tuesday. Here’s what I got up to on my visit!

On my first night, I went to Mom’s crib presentation night (basically, it’s a card game). It was in support of Cancer research UK so they did a raffle – I lost. But I did get to catch up with some old friends!

Raffle tickets

Random selfie from Day 2!


My Mom is a big kid, so I bought her some Tigger slippers in Primark (they were on sale!). And ages ago I bought her this Eeyore

Mom's Tigger Slippers Disney mugs

I went to see my brother, Dan for some beer and pizza! It was so yummy and it was great to catch up with him!



On Day 3, I went to Bluewater with an old friend from school. We had a laugh, but shopping gets a bit dull when you have nothing specific to buy so I ended up in the Disney store and HMV.  Then I went home to watch Disney movies with my Mom (actually, I watched movies – she was asleep.)

Oh, I found Hubba Bubba in the corner shop –  I couldn’t resist!bubblegum

Selfie on the train home! I look so miserable.

Me on the train

We all know I’m a bit of a shopaholic, so what did I buy?

Muppets bag Animal Mug Mickey mouse cupme in my crazy colourful outfitFloral Playsuit Lipstick print dressDVDs Monster Munch  nail varnish

Well that’s pretty much it, guys! Sorry it’s all images, but I love taking photos.



Family visit Pt 2

SO: my sister, her Mom, and the kids came to visit yesterday, and I promised you a follow-up post!

The day started off humorous when my sister text me from the car saying “The numbers go 4 then 6…” she couldn’t find my door (No 5, with a bright red door) because it’s in the corner, and no-one can ever find it.

So they come in, she loves the house (I don’t), and the kids made themselves at home whilst I grabbed my things. Molly (4) spotted the Clementine on the dinner table, so I had to then carry a Clementine around with me all day until she decided she wanted some.

Then it was a nice walk to Caluchinno’s in town to meet Carol (Kaye’s Mom). It’s a blue faux-Italia type of cafe with brooding waiters who flinch at the sight of children. It’s pretty safe to say he was happy when we left, although not so happy when he found Molly and Nelson’s (2) Monster’s University cupcake wrappers on the table (home-made, of course – and actually quite yummy).

After awkwardly leaving the cafe, we went to EAT, although we kept calling it ASK (no, matter – it’s the same amount of letters!) and to my surprise Molly picks out a prawn salad, and ate the whole thing (but she did drop the sauce all over the floor when trying to help us clean up – bless). Nelson picked at some ham sandwiches, and us grown ups had some tasty lunches.

Then it was dressing gown shopping for Nelson:

Gruffalo dressing gown

Isn’t he adorable?

Molly spotted a Hello Kitty tracksuit, and Carol treated the kids to the clothes, (fair is fair).

We went for cream tea too, and I saved my tiny jam pot to give to my Mom (she’s easily amused by cute things). On the way to cream tea, Molly had spotted an ice cream stall, so when we left, Kaye got the kids some ice cream. I have to say, Nelson is quite the tidy eater. Molly was covered in chocolate.

I bought the kids some sticker books for their up-coming holiday, like I promised and then we headed back to mine!

Kaye, the gem she is, gave me a spontaneous lift to Dartford so I could have a break from staring at my assignments. We had pasta bake for dinner (God, I miss home-cooking).

It was really nice catching up with everyone and hearing about their lives. Hopefully seeing Kaye again before I go back to Canterbury, but we shall see!

So, if my blogging is sporadic this week – it’s because I’m in Dartford being all social and things.

Have a great week and enjoy the confusing British sunshine!



TEA: The Movie (UPDATE)

So, if you  didn’t already know: I’m making a short film with Lara called TEA: The Movie. (don’t worry – it’s a joke).

We filmed today, so now all is left is to edit and make it look super-awesome! We even managed to get some extra footage just for you guys!

I also took some production photos:

tea and sugar pots Plan for Tea:The Movie charity mug charity mug my stripey socks Mr Kettle

Let me explain the socks: basically – our kitchen is a mess because it’s the only room in the house that we all use, and therefore: no-one cleans it. Me and Lara are the cleanest people in the house, but it doesn’t make a difference. Every time we clean: they make a mess! It’s a never-ending circle of OCD Disaster.

So, instead of mopping the kitchen for like, every day(!), we have to wear socks in the kitchen… it’s disgusting I know. (I hate living with students).

It won’t be like that next year when I move in with Shelby though: they have a cleaning rota. i’m not going to lie – it’s a pretty cool house, so the motivation to keep it clean is a lot stronger than this house.

Anyway, I’m eating toast right now and getting it all over the keyboard, so I’m going to end this post here.



I don’t have sunburn!

I spent most of today in the garden making notes for my assignment and listening to the Spotify playlist by boyfriend made me (it’s pretty good, not going to lie). I got some pretty cool photos of a ladybird that started stalking me around the garden. (I will upload those when I get home.)

At the moment, I’m watching Shelby, Alice, Greg and Emily play Articulate! and it’s one of the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Especially considering they think I’m writing my essay instead of blogging.

Speaking of essays – I got 1056 of a 2000 word essay done whilst at Shelby’s today (mostly whilst they cooked dinner – which was soo yummy [Shelby made some type of potato fries/pieces: I will have to get the recipe and then share it with you]).

I should probably go home soon and finish my essay soon so I can write the script for tomorrow for…


Keeping you posted (god, I am so tired),